What United Nations International Organization of Migration?

The United Nations International Organization of Migration was founded in war-torn Western Europe in 1951. It was much-needed establishment following World War II for the 11 million people who had been displaced during the time. The IOM was successfully able to arrange transport for at least 1 million people during its first decade of existence, reuniting families and bringing people to better communities.

The IOM has been able to aid in the multitude of both man-made and natural disasters that have occurred since it was founded. It has come a long way from its beginning, now operating with over 10,000 staff members in over 150 different countries.

The IOM is an organization that coordinates with government, intergovernmental, and non-governmental partners all over the world on issues related to migration, says NY based immigration attorney Jon Purizhansky. It serves to ensure orderly and compassionate migration by providing aid and advice to both governments and migrants, helping to provide safe and organized migration benefits.

Its mission is genuinely humanitarian-based, as it is an organization by the people, for the people. It is considered the migration agency and serves as a significant source of information when it comes to complex debates arguing the social, economic, and political impacts of migration in this age, noted Jon Purizhansky.

There is much to concentrate on when it comes to the significant issue of migration.

 The four main areas of focus for the IOM include:

-Migration and development

-Facilitating migration

-Regulating migration

-Forced migration

IOM offers the best and data on migration trends throughout the world. Their website provides a wealth of information such as their extensive and up-to-date glossary of migration terms, their migration data portal, which provides a fascinating interactive visual on the current and past migration patterns, and so much more. This is useful to many researchers seeking vital information and wishing to review worldwide trends, noted Jon Purizhansky.

The world of migration would undoubtedly be quite chaotic without the United Nations IOM. It has proven itself as a necessary tool for millions. With support, this organization will persevere and continue saving countless lives, and changing them for the better as it has since its humble beginning! IOM is helping to make global migration successful and is overall one of the investments for the worldwide economy. You can show your support by visiting their website and make a donation today.

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